Monday, January 24, 2011

Emanuel Booted From Mayoral Ballot

Finally it has happened.  We all knew the idea of Rahm going back to Chicago just to run for Mayor was shady.  The Chicago Board of Elections is part of the Chicago "Machine".  It's full of corrupt and biased individuals just like most other areas of Chicago government and politics.  Luckily the county circuit court had some common sense.  Amazingly enough the ruling was only 2-1 against Mr. Never-Let-a-Good-Crisis-Go-to-Waste.  The sad part about this is that the ruling did not involve any complicated interpretation of the constitution or tedious legal precedent.  Obviously one judge chose to simply ignore the law.

"'...a candidate must meet not only the Election Code's voter residency standard, but also must have actually resided within the municipality for one year prior to the election, a qualification that the candidate unquestionably does not satisfy,' the ruling stated."

Ya Think?! . . . .

I wonder whats going to happen now?  I doubt Rahm can handle being out of the spotlight or not in a position of power.  Most likely he will got back to Washington with his tail between his legs and go back to the Obama administration (although everyone knows he never really left).

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