Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Blog

So I know the question you are all dying to have answered is:  "What the heck is the Not A Drive-By Blog?".  Well first a little bit of background information:  many of you may be familiar with the term "Drive-By Media" which was coined by Rush Limbaugh several years ago on the radio.  The term refers to the old media of CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc, comparing their reporters to the drive-by shootings that we used to frequently hear about.  Similar to a drive-by shooting where are car full of thugs drives by a house or person and randomly sprays bullets at their target not caring what else or who else they destroy, reporters often roll onto the scene using their bully pulpit to shape a story to support their agenda (whatever that may be).  So a serious story may be twisted and blown out of proportion rather than just reporting the news.

A good example of this sort of story would be the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  What should have been a sad story on a mentally-ill lone individual was twisted into a political fiasco.  The usual rhetoric of gun control, Sarah Palin, and all the other usual suspects were quickly blamed for the actions of this one individual.  The "political climate" and the "political rhetoric were blamed.  Even the Sheriff, who is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of the county, was quick to point fingers and make blatant accusations.  What happened to an unbiased investigation?  Fast forward a few days. . .we find the Sheriff had no evidence to support his statements, we find that the gunman's friends said he did not like ANY politics, and did not listen to talk radio.   Basically. . .we are back to what should have been the original story - a lone, twisted, mentally disturbed individual committed a heinous criminal act.

So where does the "NOT" a drive-by come in?  Well basically, I am not a reporter of any sort.  I write my opinion and commentary from the perspective of a "normal" person.  I am a voter, a taxpayer, a small-business owner, veteran, and all around news junkie.  I am not an academic elite, I have no formal journalism training, and probably will be told that I should not be attempting this.  But my goal is to write from my perspective of common sense and love of country.  All my posts will probably be somewhat controversial, but thats what happens when you write an opinion piece; opinions differ.


This site ( site is a temporary home for the Not A Drive-By Blog.  I am working on getting up and running but have been having server and hosting issues.  Hopefully all of this will be sorted out within the next week.  I will continue to post both here and on the main site for the next for the next several months until everything has been tested and is working!  I welcome guest posting from like-minded bloggers, please send me an email!  Thanks for visiting and please check back often.

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