Wednesday, February 9, 2011

$1 Million a Year on Congressional Water

Apparently power is not the only thing the U.S. Congress is thirsty for. . . . .  Fox News ran an story this afternoon that the United States Congress spends almost $1 Million a year on bottled water – water paid for by our tax dollars.
Here is the link to the original story:
According to the article 1500 basic water fountains or 900 refrigerated and filtered water fountains could have been installed for the same price.  Although there seems to be bipartisan support for “cutting back” on bottled water, the target of 5% in unacceptable.
Unlike most who preach about he evils of bottled water, my reasoning is much simpler – I really could care less about the supposed greenhouse gases released shipping and producing the water, or whether the bottles are being recycled.  What bothers me is Congress spending another million tax dollars on a “luxury” rather than buying their own water like the rest of us.  Congress likes to argue that many of its luxuries such as the gym, the health clinic, the water, etc., are necessary so legislators never need to leave but can focus on getting the country’s business done.
To some degree, I agree that amenities that have already been paid for such as the gym or maybe even the clinic serve a valid purpose, but there is a point where sooner or later we have to say “no.”  The rest of America can manage to go to work each and every day without starving passing out due to dehydration.  How do they do it?  They pack a lunch, go out and buy a lunch, send an assistant, or order in.
Those that have been reading my blog for awhile probably know by now that I am all for personal freedoms.  I don’t care whether you drink strictly bottled water or just tap water.  What you choose to buy, and what you choose to do with it, is your business.  It becomes my business and the business of each and every American when we are the ones paying for it.
Congress is more the capable of sending their army of staffers out to get water or food without actually leaving themselves.  They are also more than capable of paying for that water and food.  Our founding fathers intending our representatives to be representative of the people, it was intended that they be regular folks.  There has been a constant and ever-increasing growth of fringe benefits for Congress over the years.  It is time to give those benefits a hard look and decide just what we are willing to pay for and what the individual should be responsible for.

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