Saturday, February 5, 2011

Banned from

I have been banned from  I have used the "Journal" section of the site to post identical copies of all my blog posts because I know that they have a lot more traffic than my site here.    But apparently conservative opinions are not welcome on that website.

Yesterday a contributor "lexington_concord" (or very similar I am doing this from memory since I cannot even access the website any longer) posted a video from General Electric that was supposed to be honoring Ronald Reagan.  The contributor's post basically said it was a great video, continued to praise GE, mentioned that Reagan used to work for GE at one point and asked for comments.

I posted the comment that GE does not care one bit about Reagan, since Jeffrey Immelt (CEO of General Electric) is in bed with the Obama administration.  Back in the days of the Stimulus Bill and TARP, congress specifically modified the law so that GE could be classified as a bank in order to receive TARP funds.  Under the original TARP measure they would not have qualified for any government assistance.   (GE has a lending although it is only a tiny portion of its overall products and services.)  I mentioned that if GE cared about Reagan or believed in his principle that it would not be receiving taxpayer handouts and bailouts.  I also mentioned the Immelt is simply playing both sides, now that he realized the Democrats have little chance of holding onto any power in 2012.  This attempt to honor conservatism and conservative principles was simply a way of trying to save face with the American right.

Well the original poster told me to "get lost" unless I had a comment on just the videos.  Who knew that only comments on videography and editing were allowed rather than content and politics on a political website?  I am one of those "civil" people that Obama so often refers to, I try to be respectful and courteous in all my comments and responses both here on my blog and elsewhere on the internet.  I usually ignore insulting comments from the left and press-on.  But I replied back that his past comments on numerous blog postings were confrontational and that Obama would not be happy.  I even joked that he might be a lefty in hiding, based on the rudeness of his comments.

Apparently that was enough, and within minutes I have had been banned.  Each time I go to I get a "601 Database Redigestation Error."  If you do a quick google search you find there is really no such error in existence - it is simply the message that shows up when someone has been banned.

So here we go. . . .continuing on the same path that has led to destruction and loss of power for the Republican Party time after time.  Those on the right with more conservative principles (like myself and so many others out there) are considered crazy and told to shut-up.  Anyone with a dissenting opinion that does not toe the moderate-republican line is considered an embarrassment to the party and the Republicans in Name Only (RINOs).

I'm ok with that though.  Jeffrey Immelt is a loser in my opinion.  His company has continued to do business with Iran - as documented on Fox and the O'Reilly Factor - and he is more than willing to take money from taxpayers while pushing this country further into the lie of "Green" technology as long as his company can profit.

Lets see what happens to people and organizations like, Jeffrey Immelt, and the Democrat Party who are unwilling to listen to the millions of conservative voters out here in 2012.  As the TEA Party demonstrated in 2010 we are growing, you can either get out of the way or be crushed by our momentum.  As for, which is supposedly a political opinion and journalism website, you sure dislike dissenting opinions.  You and your advertisers must also dislike my continued web traffic and business.

GE loving Reagan?  What a joke even the RINOs in our party don't love Reagan.  We hear again and again that "The era of Reagan is over."  In 2012 the era of your political careers will be over.



  1. I like your blog; interesting viewpoints. And I agree wholeheartedly with the comment you made on sistertoldjah blog (re: article 'dissed at our own state dinner).

  2. I got banned from RedState too, just for saying that I wouldn't turn all my lights ON to protest Earth Hour this evening.

    Eric Erickson sure seems uniquely thin-skinned to me.