Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sharia Law In The United States?

Check out this article:
This nutcase is planing to protest in front of the White House. He calls Americans the “biggest criminals” in the world and wants muslims in the United States to bring Sharia Law to this country.
Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Lets all fight for the ability to beat our wives – as long as we don’t kill them of course. Lets start cutting off hands for stealing, and stoning women in public for minor offenses. This is insane. It goes to show you just how “peaceful” these guys really are. This cleric is calling for muslims to “rise-up” and establish a muslim state in the United States.
There may be peaceful muslims in the world but in recent history they seem to be far out-numbered by violent extremists. I don’t understand why – if islam is a religion of peace – followers will not stand up and denounce these extremists. Instead they sit in silence and allow a few crazies to embarrass a large part of the world and its religion.
I thought these problems were supposed to be a thing of the past. President Obama insisted that all we had to do was close Guantanamo Bay and talk to these guys . . . oh wait we never managed any of that – thankfully.

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