Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We need to stop spending . . .but can't.

Check out this article:

President Obama's budget proposal of $3.7 trillion is just 11% below the GDP of our entire country.  According to Obama, we can't take a machete to spending - even though we need to stop running up the credit cards.

That is where the President is completely wrong.  Not only do we need to take a machete to spending we need to take a stick of dynamite to this budget proposal.  Simply claiming that we will save money by cutting medicare and medicaid is unacceptable - especially since medicare and medicaid are intended to be replaced by Obamacare, which will cost taxpayers even more (if the Supreme Court fails to declare that disaster unconstitutional).

We can only hope that the Republicans in congress will not be fooled by bogus cuts and really force Obama to make some progress is saving our country from the the abyss.

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