Sunday, March 6, 2011

Strategic Petroleum Reserve – Not a Democrat Oil Reserve

Remember when President Bush was adding to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve during his term? He was attacked by the left as idiotic for adding to the reserve when it could be done “later.” Luckily President bush and congress at the time stood their ground and continued to purchase oil to add to the reserve.
Now the left wants President Obama to tap oil reserves to bring additional supplies to the market before the summer driving season kicks-off. The thought is that by tapping the reserve we can avoid further increases in gas prices.
President Obama will certainly release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve because he must been seen as trying to help the American public in some way. In reality the added supply from the reserve will do little to decrease price – it is more of a symbolic move. In my opinion, now is precisely the time when the reserve should not be touched. The last time supplies were release from the reserve was after Hurricane Katrina, the world was (believe it or not) a much more stable place at the time. Now we are still fight two wars (yes we are, you don’t think we are completely out of Iraq yet do you?) there are hotspots flaring all over the globe and we have a leader who is thought of as a joke in the international community.
The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is there so we have wartime backup supplies and can, in an emergency, use the oil to compensate for temporary supply disruptions. The reserve is not intended to be used to compensate for the left refusing to allow domestic oil drilling or refusing to allow private industry to solve our energy problems. Remember the old saying that goes something like: “Lack of proper planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.” This “emergency” is completely the fault of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all the other obstructionists in the Democrat Party.
Leave the SPR alone. We may need it for its intended purpose in the near future!

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