Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GOP Puts U.N. Reform Back on Agenda as "Urgent" Problem


The U.N. serves little purpose in today's world.  I am all for letting the U.N. move their headquarters to another country.  They are taking up valuable real estate in New York that could be put to better use, although much of the costs of security for the complex comes out of the U.N. budget (aka our tax dollars), some of the associated costs to the NYPD and other agencies will never be accounted for.

As one of the biggest contributors of money and troops to the U.N. the United States receives little return on investment.  As we witnessed between the gulf war in 1991 and the start of the most recent war in Iraq, the U.N.  and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are dogs with a log of bark but NO bite.

We are seeing just how useless the U.N. and the IAEA is with Iran and North Korea as well.  I think that our money would be better spent on our own diplomatic and military endeavors.  The money could be used in a way that we see fit, rather than spending money on an organization that is anti-Israel, and anti-U.S. for the most part.  The left in this country loves to argue that we are sending oil money to countries that hate us and would love to see us attacked; but yet at the same time the left is more than willing to send money to this organization that undermines us and supports our enemies.

I won't even get into the corruption in this organization involving oil for food programs and hundreds of others around the world.  The amount of corruption in the U.N. makes the Chicago Machine or Congress look like a bunch of angels.  Its time to move on, the U.N. is an antiquated concept that should have been eliminated 15 years ago.

What do you think?  Still relevant or a thing of the past sucking up US tax dollars?

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