Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Targeting the Taliban? There's and App for That.

Fox is reporting a story of a soldier who spend about $26,000 of his own money developing an iPhone app that can help soldiers deployed overseas.  The app "Tactical Nav" can help plot and photograph waypoints and help to send the information back to support units.  The developer Captain Springer has tested the app in a variety of armored vehicles and  outposts.

"Basically, the issue was the fact that these smartphones were being untapped by the army and I was motivated and determined to change that, even if it cost me my own money out of pocket to do so."  --Captain Springer

Another excellent example of American ingenuity.  It's unfortunate that with all of the billions of dollars spend on R&D that something so simple was overlooked (or ignored).  I hope that the Army will reimburse the Captain for his expenses, and reward him for his contribution to other war-fighters.

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