Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fire Every Last One of Them

With unemployment still hovering around 9% or above nationwide, the situation in Wisconsin is unacceptable. There is no possible way to compare the luxuries that the public-sector workforce enjoys compared to the private sector.
Think about any employee in the private sector; whether working at McDonald’s or Goldman Sachs, no work equals no pay. Sure, most employees are given some sort of sick time or vacation days, but not always – in Wisconsin these benefits are being blatantly abused. What happens when a rebellious cashier at McDonald’s disagrees with the manager’s decision not to allow employees to work overtime? That employee has three choices: work out the problem like an adult, suck it up and move-on, or quit. In the public-sector there is obviously a fourth option – stop doing any work and still get paid while bringing the education and state government to a halt.
Employees in both the public and private sector of course are free to make whatever decisions they see fit when it comes to striking or disagreements with management. These employees just need to understand that there are consequences for their actions.
I have a perfect solution for the teachers and public employees on strikes in Wisconsin: fire every single person who is on strike or even suspected of abusing sickleave for the purposes of participating in the strike. What do we do to fill all of those positions? Simply put out a nationwide job announcement. I am willing to bet there are a ton of people in Wisconsin with teacher credentials that could be dusted-off, and others around the country willing to move to find new jobs. Make it clear that these new-hires are not able to unionize and will be hired at “x” salary and “y” benefits.
This solves several problems: public schools are allowed to function, the wind is taken out of the sails of these union workers who would rather strike than perform the work they are paid to do, and it would help to find employment for people looking for new or better jobs. The replacement teachers and employees could be paid a much lower salary and have a benefits package more inline with the private sector, thus taking care of the budget problems the Governor has been trying to rectify.
These union thugs, and union slugs (there are really only two types of union members in this situation: the lazy and the power-hungry) are not serving the citizens of Wisconsin as they are being paid to do. Get rid of them and solve all of these problems at once.

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