Friday, February 25, 2011

Prostitution – A Local Decision

John Ensign said recently that Nevada should not ban prostitution and that local government should decide whether to allow prostitution in their counties or cities.
I agree 100%. It should be up to the local governments to make this decision. Harry Reid is calling on Nevada to ban prostitution – claiming that this is what prevents businesses from moving to Nevada and investing in Nevada. Yeah right, I hate to break it to Mr. Reid but it probably actually attracts people to Nevada to visit famed locations such as the “Bunny Ranch.” Reid fails to realize that his criticism of businesses and Obama’s criticism of people and businesses meeting in Las Vegas are what have helped to damage the states economy.
If we are allowing states to regulate and tax medical marijuana then why not prostitution? It seems the left is all for changing drug laws so they can grab more tax revenue but is unwilling to look at prostitution from the same perspective.
I know that this is a controversial subject. Although not something which I am interested in, there are a lot of people out there that see no moral or ethical problems with prostitution. Why not let local governments decide whether or not they wish to profit from this business? It is a sector that could easily be regulated, licensed, and taxed.
In the meantime Harry Reid should be more worried about the damage he has done to his state’s economy by jamming liberal agenda items through congress.

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