Thursday, February 24, 2011

US Considering Arming Law Enforcement Working In Mexico

Check out this article:
By now most people know of the sad story of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent killed a week or so ago in Mexico in a hit in broad daylight. I support law enforcement 100% and I blame his death not so much on Mexico and the cartels, but I blame his death on the total failure of Janet Napolitano and President Obama to secure the southern border of our country.
We need to face the fact that if we could secure the southern border of our own country – something the Federal Government is responsible for – it would not matter to us what is happening on the other side. There would have been no need for ICE agents to be working in a foreign country where they may or may not be armed.
Another example where this administration is all talk and no action. Two years into his presidency President Obama is wasting time cheering for unions in Wisconsin rather than working on issues critical to the future success and safety of our country.

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