Monday, February 28, 2011

Gas Prices Keep Climbing

Well, gas prices in my area are in the $3.39-$3.49 range. According to AAA Mid-Atlantic gas prices are almost certain to make it over $4.00 within the next month or so and $5.00 is not out of the question. I know that they are much higher than that in many areas of the country already. There is data to suggest the Saudi Arabia and some other OPEC members will begin pumping more oil to try to bring prices back in line with their target. Most of the price increase is being blamed on unrest in the Middle East and the “recovery” currently taking place around the world.
Regardless of the reasons for the recent spike in prices, our President has failed to address the issue. The problem is that by addressing the problem President Obama risks bringing the issue to the forefront. Rather than work on our continuing domestic energy problems and our fragile recovery the President is spending time meeting with Democrat Governors about the 2012 election, and defending public employee unions – claiming they are not the cause of huge state deficits (they are).
Obama needs to get his priorities in order. It’s pretty-much a done deal that he will not be re-elected. What’s silly is that he fails to see how he is risking all the other Democrat election chances as well. That’s fine with me of course – I just hope he doesn’t further destroy our country in the process.
I wil keep an eye on the issue for all of you out there. Who knows? Maybe a government takeover of the oil industry will be next. . .

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