Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uh-Oh. . .Obama’s War?

It looks like Obama may have a war of his own. We are moving troops in the the Mediterranean so that they can be closer to Libya. I seem to remember something about the rest of the world would love us and be a peaceful place if we would simply use diplomacy. Remember he claimed that 9/11 happened because we made them angry?
Well Mr. President, where is the diplomacy? A famous person once said that “the world is governed by the aggressive use of force.” That is even more true today than ever before. How will the Democrats explain a war to the REAL far-far leftists in the party? Does this mean that if we do enter peacekeeping or even combat operations in Libya the left will suddenly attack Obama as a war criminal, or claim he is in bed with the oil companies? I doubt it.
The left only hates the realities of the World when a Republican is in charge. If Obama believes we need to send troops to Libya I will support him 100% as long as he goes all-in and doesn’t try to half-ass it. That is the difference between Republican and Democrats – we are willing to support something when it is “right” or when it is in our best interests not just because a decision is made by our party.
We just need to understand that if we do enter another conflict in Libya that this will further add to the deficit. This means cuts will be needed elsewhere. I say spend as much as we need on the war as long as we cut spending elsewhere to balance it out.

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