Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Bad Time To Be An American

When most people around the world hear “The United States of America” they think of success, wealth, dreams, achievement, power, prestige, and charity. Now that we have a President who is more intent of apologizing for our actions and sacrificing our way of life, our reputation in the rest of the world has been rapidly changing.
We are willing to let pirates kill American citizens while the Navy sits idly by, we are willing to allow our military members to be killed in foreign countries, we allow CIA agents to be captured and then abandoned, and terrorism is brushed-off as a non-issue. There are countless more examples of our citizens and our interests being put at-risk around the world.
Even three years ago the United States was feared in the world community. While the left may believe that no one should fear us – fear is a good thing. Fear helps to keep rogue nations in line without having to resort to force. Its pretty obvious how well diplomacy has worked with nations like Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea.
We can not continue to sacrifice Americans around the world just so the left can assuage some sort of guilt. Sometimes we need to step up and say “enough.” Open a can of “whoop-ass” and show the rest of the world that we cannot be screwed with. If we won’t continue to fill this role as we have done so responsibly and carefully since our country was founded – someone else will. That someone will more than likely be China.
There is a point in time where we will lose all credibility in the world community. No one will take us seriously. What many fail to realize is that diplomacy only works because it is backed up by the possibility of military force. When all these dictators and other crazies learn that we are unwilling to use this force our bargaining ability not only diminishes – it disappears. How many more American lives will be lost before we get this incompetent poser out of office?

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