Friday, March 4, 2011

Union Layoffs – Here They Come

Scott Walker is sticking to his guns! This man needs to run for higher office – we need more people like this willing to stand up for what they believe and not cave to drive-by media pressure or pressure from the Democrat Party.
Governor Walker today said that since the cowardly State Democrat Senators have failed to return, the necessary changes to wage and benefits packages for greedy unions cannot be signed into law. So pink slips will go out as early as next month, and by-law layoffs can begin within 30 days.
Its amazing that these public sector unions who are supposedly here for the “little guy” are willing to sacrifice the welfare of 1500 people rather than pay a tiny amount toward their own benefits like the rest of the private sector.
Not only are the Democrat Senators from Wisconsin a bunch of cowards, so are the union thugs that are failing not only their members but the citizens of Wisconsin. I say why stop at 1500? Why not fire every last one of them? Replace them with non-union workers and turn the deficit into a surplus. The state and this country would be much better off.

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